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Dry Tech is contracted to repair all types of damage, whether natural or man made from coast to coast. Our general contracting experience during all four seasons is both extensive and diverse. The seasonal nature of USA climate means certain types of problems are more prevalent in different regions of our country.

Our Philosophy


Faster Response for Faster Fix

We understand that you simply want to get back to normal. We also understand that the key to minimizing damage is response. You can count on us to answer our phones and address your concerns no matter when you call.

Our teams can access information about your job on their smartphones from anywhere. So when you call and need something taken care of, we’ll be on top of it. We are a locally owned company and we serve hundreds of homeowners every year. You can count on us to know you and your job personally. We will also work directly with your insurance adjuster to determine the scope of the emergency work and facilitate payment. We plan the job so that the process goes quickly and smoothly with as little downtime as possible.

Expert Work Practices

Peace of Mind Knowing That You Have The Industry’s Best

Our staff is IICRC certified. We are constantly updating our equipment and training to stay current in the most recent innovations in structural drying. You can count on us to understand how to address the emergency in your home and get the job done the right way.

We use the most advanced equipment and technology, including thermal imaging devices, to determine the extent of water damage. We are able to detect moisture through drywall and other materials without penetrating any surfaces. Our work is precise and accurate.

Your Home Matters

You’re in Good Hands

Your home matters to us, the same as if it was our home. We will never cut corners or make inferior recommendations. We will tell you honestly and fairly how we plan to take care of the damage. We will give you a timeline of what to expect. We will communicate with you daily about the plan and notify you immediately of any updates. Our goal is to get you back to normal fast.

Why Choose Us

The advanced equipment required, along with industry knowledge and experience, makes a real difference in results. You need to call an expert.

  • Quick Water Damage Restoration
  • Preventing Mold
  • Benefits of IICRC-Certified Experts
  • Evaluation Details
  • On Time and on Budget
  • Professional Input

Popular Questions

For small projects like replacing a window or patching a wall, the answer is no. For larger projects, In an architect can add tremendous value and cost savings to your project.

It follow the STAR format when giving your examples. Explain the Situation, the Tasks you had to complete, the Actions you took and the Results of your actions. Place the most emphasis on the actions and the results.